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Our main project

The main project of the Somondo Foundation currently is the support – so far in non-financial ways – for the development of the Somondo.org website (short "Somondo").


What is Somondo?

Somondo is an online platform that connects visitors and non-profit organizations. The website makes it easier for NGOs to inform the interested public about events and visiting opportunities, such as

If you are interested in learning more, check out Somondo's about page and the FAQ.


Benefits for non-profits

direct information

Direct Information and Exchange
Inform the public about your work, in a more interactive and direct way than through reports, leaflets & newsletters.

publicity and awareness

Publicity and Awareness
Increase visibility and publicity of your organizations' work and raise awareness for your cause.

additional funding

Additional Funds
Create an additional, unrestricted revenue stream (through visitor fees) for your programs, expand your donor base.

Benefits for visitors

direct exchange and insight

Direct Exchange and Insight
Experience and learn about NGOs' on-the-ground efforts to solve social, economic and environmental challenges.

something different

Something Very Different
Get to know a different side of the place that you are living in or visiting and experience something new.


Support for Non-Profit Work
Directly support non-profit projects through your visitor fees as well as by spreading the word about their work.


Check it out

Have a look at Somondo, the website for events and visiting opportunities in the non-profit sector!

Check out Somondo

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